There are 3 publishing options available to you when creating SEO Landing Pages within MetaLocator.  This article describes these options.

  1. Hosted SEO landing pages:  In this scenario, MetaLocator hosts your SEO landing pages under a custom domain and host name.  Your pages are accessible via  With paid SEO plans, you can CNAME your own domain name to point to this URL.  This allows you to create your own domain name that points to these pages.  For example, would access the SEO landing pages instead of  With our Reverse Proxy method, a subdirectory can be pointed to the location pages, e.g.

  2. WordPress Publishing: In this case, we publish the SEO page content to your Wordpress web site using the WordPress Rest API.  This is the recommended option for WordPress users.  More information on setting that up can be found here.

  3. FTP Publishing: This option works similarly to the Wordpress publishing, however; the pages are published via FTP.  In this option you provide the HTML template content for the header and footer.  MetaLocator inserts the location content in between, and the 3 parts combine to form the complete landing page.  More information on the FTP method is here.

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