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Legacy: Searching by city name alone
Legacy: Searching by city name alone
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When using the Location search field (zipform) to search your Interface by city name alone, some ambiguity can arise.  For example, searching the United States for "portland", might refer to Portland, Maine or Portland, Oregon or even one of the many small unincorporated cities named "portland" across the US.  As a searcher in the pacific northwest, you are likely not looking for locations in Maine.

To clear up this ambiguity, you can designate a bounding box for your searches.  This limits our Search Geocoder to the designated area.  A bounding box is defined by the lower left and upper right latitude and longitude of the desired area.  The bounding box setting can be found under "Advanced > Geocoding Bounding Box" as shown here:


You may be wondering how to exactly find those numbers with a location distribution such as the following:


The objective is to obtain the lower left and upper right latitude and longitude of the desired area in the format Longitude1,Latitude1,Longitude2,Latitude2.  This is the format required by the Geocoding Bounding Box setting.  To obtain these coordinates, click Tools > Map Explorer in the upper right of the MetaLocator dashboard.  This tool allows you to click on the map, and obtain the latitude and longitude where the mouse clicked.


Once the Map Explorer loads, click the lower left of the desired region, giving plenty of margin.  Notice the text boxes below the map are automatically populated with the latitude and longitude.

Take note of the latitude and longitude by copying and pasting those values into a temporary text document or note.  Repeat the click process for the upper right of the bounds.  The value of the Geocoding Bounding Box should look like this:


Notice this format is longitude,latitude.

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