This article describes features and settings in our Legacy Interface Editor.

MetaLocator allows direct integration with Google Analytics off the shelf.  This includes custom events that track interactions with individual locations including clicks, searches, directions, links to details etc.

Some users are interested in reporting a total impression count for a given location even if that location was never expressly interacted with, beyond being returned in a search result.  This is commonly referred to as an Impression.

To track impressions in MetaLocator it is necessary to add a tracking pixel which spawns an event to one of the MetaLocator Templates.  This will cause the tracking event to be "hit" once for each search result and therefore will populate impressions in a Google Analytics account.

First, ensure the Interface has Google Analytics properly configured.

Second, add the tracking pixel to the desired MetaLocator template, this is typically the Directory Item Template.  Within the source view of the template editor, insert the following code:

<img height="0" onload="ga('send', 'event', 'Locations', 'Impression', '{name_ml_raw}:{id}');" src="" width="0" />

A complete example is shown below:

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