Some locations in your database might not be locations at all, they might be online-only retailers that provide services globally. MetaLocator handles this as a special case of it's Territory Support.  In this tutorial, we show you how to include Internet-based "locations" in your search.

First we need to create a new field that will hold the designation of whether a given location is an "Internet location".  This is a special type of territory field called "Internet".   Note the field name must be "Internet". Create that field as shown here:

This field will hold a single value, a 1 to indicate whether a given location is an "Internet location".  You can import or specify the value of that field in the usual way, by importing it as a column or editing your location in the Record Editor and manually specifying the 1.  In this example, we'll create a single location as follows that is an "Internet location".

The only other fields we've provided data for are Link and Name under the Basic Information tab.

By default, this location will not appear under any location searches, because it is not physically near anything.  We'll need to adjust our Interface settings so that it appears.

First, under Territory Settings, set Enable Territories to Yes.  This allows the location to appear in any geographic search.  Notice that our Interface now shows the "Doodles Online" result for any geographic search:

Should you want Internet locations to be prioritized you can use the option Promote Territories? = Yes

Also there is an option in this section to Include Internet Locations by Default = Yes or No

If you wish to allow visitors the capability to select Internet designated locations you would add the tag {internet_locations} to the Search Form field as shown below.


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