This article describes features and settings in our Legacy Interface Editor.

MetaLocator already sends Events to Google Analytics if you have configured your Google Analytics ID under Advanced in your Interface Settings.

However, if you would like to track additional click events, such as to links within your Interface, you can customize the events sent to Google Analytics with a bit of custom code.  You can add any javascript in the Footer setting, found under Advanced, as shown here:

The code above, finds any link contained in the record template, and adds an event to send the text of that link to Google Analytics as a custom event.  Here is that code for your easy copy & paste.

<script type="text/javascript">
jqLocator(document).ready(function() {
jqLocator(document).on("click", "span.line_item > a", function(){
_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'Locations', 'Click',jqLocator(this).text()]);

Add the above to the Footer setting found under Advanced as shown above.  Here we see the Google Analytics Debugger tool showing the correct sending of the Event to Google Analytics.


You can find this custom event data in Google Analytics under Behavior, then Events.

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