MetaLocator allows to you display your results in a spreadsheet-style format with sortable columns and each field arranged in it's own row.  This is a great presentation for tabular data that isn't necessarily location-based.

You can import and display any regular spreadsheet using this method.  You can present your spreadsheet as a set of columns and optionally link to a detail page for each record.

MetaLocator takes a little adjustment to display a spreadsheet.  To display your Interface as a full-screen spreadsheet, alter the following settings as indicated:

  • Layout Settings: Show a Map > No
  • Layout Settings: Directory Width > 100%
  • Layout Settings: Directory Height > 100%
  • Form  Settings: Search Form Format > Remove Location from the "Selected Fields to Display"
  • Template Settings:  Directory Item Template > Add and remove fields you wish to display in your spreadsheet as needed.  In the Spreadsheet layout, the column ordering is controlled by the Field ordering as set under Fields on the main dashboard.
  • Template Settings: Detail Page Item Address Format > Add and remove fields you wish to display in your item detail pages as needed.
  • SpreadSheet Settings:  Show Table Headings > Yes.
  • SpreadSheet Settings:  Wrap rows and columns in a table > Yes.
  • SpreadSheet Settings:  Zebra Stripe Rows > Yes.
  • SpreadSheet Settings:  Show Detail Link > Yes.


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