You can create a link in your locator that displays a "Lead form" for each location that collects contact information from your visitors.  These leads are stored in MetaLocator under the Leads section and are also optionally delivered via email.

Before you can capture leads, you may first need to set up a lead field.  Accounts created after 2015 already have a lead field created.  

The lead field is typically displayed as the email address of the location-specific email. 

 Clicking on the location's email address yields the Lead Form.

The placement of the link which launches the Lead form is controlled by your Template Settings, notice {email rel='modal'} in the markup below.

Leads will appear in the Leads tab as shown below as users submit inquiries via the lead form.

Click the subject of a Lead to view the details, as shown here:


Note that each lead includes a Subject, Body, From and a link to the Record (location) that received the lead.  Click the Record ID number to open the record.

Configuring the email body, recipients and other options are handled under Interface Settings > Contact Form Settings.  The options available are described in this article.

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