Update: As of 4/24/2015, new accounts are created with an email field already configured as an email form.  To update your account with this change, simply edit your Email field, (as found under Fields), to Field Type: Email Form as shown below.


You can use MetaLocator to display a contact form that your visitors can use to contact you or the specific location they may be viewing.  To do this, first create a new field by clicking Fields, then New in the toolbar, and choose the type "Email Form".

You must provide an email address for each record in order for the contact form to work correctly.  You can set this email address to the location's contact email or to an internal email address where all such form submissions should be routed.

Now that the field is created, you can create an Interface (if you have not already done so), and add it to your Interface's layout.  Edit your Interface's settings, expand Field Settings, and drag your new field into the Selected Fields as shown in this quick video:

This adds the contact field to your layout as shown here.

Clicking on that email address will display a contact form that your visitors can use to contact this location via the provided email address.  If you would rather include text, such as Contact Us instead of showing the email address, you can click "View Raw Code" in the Item Address Format setting and insert this markup:

{contact Contact Us /contact}

As shown here:

That will change the layout to show "Contact Us" instead, as shown here:

The default MetaLocator field of "Email" {email} can be configured to present the Contact Form as a modal window. The form would open on top of the Interface window rather than replacing the current window then requiring the use of the back button to return to the Interface.

The form of this markup is: {email rel='modal' innertext='Send me an Email'}
 Replace the innertext value to that of your choosing.

The resulting display for the email link appears below.


You may also choose to update the other options under the Contact Form Settings of your Interface. These options include:

  • Contact Form Recipients:  Here you can provide a semi-colon separated list of email addresses to which this email should be delivered.
  • Contact Form Header:  This can be text instructions you display above the contact form.
  • Contact Form Email Subject:  The subject of the email delivered
  • Send to Location Email:  This enables the delivery of this email to the address provided in the Email Form record you created.
  • Contact Redirect Message:  The confirmation message displayed to your visitor when the email is successfully sent.
  • Contact Email Body Template:  The HTML body of the email delivered.  The software will dynamically replace %%NAME%%,%%EMAIL%% and %%MESSAGE%%  with their values.



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