To install the MetaLocator Facebook App within your Facebook page, follow these instructions.

Update: Facebook has limited custom tab installations to page owners with 2000 or more likes.  Contact support to work around this limitation.

First, enable Facebook for the desired interface.  You can use the same interface for your Website and for your Facebook page, presuming you would like them to have the same settings.  To enable Facebook on an interface, click Interfaces, then click your desired Interface, then expand the "Facebook Settings" group as shown below.

Set Enable Facebook to Yes.  Then, as noted above, ensure your Interface is SSL Enabled by setting "Use SSL for Maps" to "Yes" under "Advanced Settings".  Save & Close your Interface.

Next, Log out of your Facebook account.

Return to MetaLocator, and click Interfaces, and you will notice a new link under the Interface's Preview button labeled "Install".  Click the link.

Facebook will prompt you to login and install the application as shown here:

Once the page tab is added, you must configure your MetaLocator account with your Facebook User ID.  This authenticates your Facebook account (and yours alone) to use the MetaLocator app.  As indicated, paste the user ID number provided into the Facebook UID option found under your interface's Facebook settings.

Save your Interface settings and your new Facebook Page tab should be up and running.

You may want to change the name, picture or ordering of the app as it appears on your Facebook page.  To do that, within Facebook, click Settings, then Apps.  You'll see MetaLocator listed as shown here:

Click Edit Settings on the MetaLocator App and make any adjustments necessary.

Additionally, you may want to change the ordering of where the Facebook app appears on your page, to do this, within Facebook, click Manage Tabs as shown here:


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