Google Maps is changing its licensing model to require all users to use an API key.  Some of our users have selected the Google as the Map Vendor but have not yet provided an API key.  This article covers what changed and how to update your interface to use a Google API key or switch to Mapbox maps, our preferred mapping provider. 

Frequently asked questions

I received an email about updating my map settings, what are my options?

The options for ensuring your interface continues to function properly are as follows:

  1. Switch your interface to use Leaflet (Mapbox) Maps.

  2. Add a Google Maps API key to your account. 

  3. Do nothing and MetaLocator staff will automatically update your interface to use Mapbox.

When will the transition take place?

Google will start enforcing the licensing change by displaying an error message or warning on June 11th.  MetaLocator will manually switch those interfaces that are still set to use Google Maps without an API key to use Mapbox on June 9th.  

What if I do nothing?

MetaLocator will switch your Interfaces to Mapbox automatically and test the interfaces to ensure consistent functionality before and after.

How can I obtain an Google Maps API key?

See this support article and follow the instructions.

How can I switch to Mapbox?

See this support article and follow the instructions.

What if I have a problem?

Contact us for help.

How can I tell if my Interface uses Google Maps?

Login to MetaLocator, click Interfaces, click the name of the interface in question and scroll to Map settings.  Switch the vendor to Leaflet as shown below and click Save in the upper right.  Some users may need to click "Show more map settings" to see the Map Vendor option.

I received an error that said "Internal directions are not available..."

The Internal directions are a Google Maps only option.  To maintain directions functionality set
Show Internal Directions?
Show Enhanced Internal Directions Options?

to "No".  Both options are found under the Map Settings group.

What will the new Google Maps API cost?

The new mapping API includes $200.00 of utilization in free usage.  This is more than enough for many customers.  Once you exceed the free allocation, it moves to a pay as you go model.  To avoid those costs, switch to our included Mapbox map vendor as described above.

I'm using the Google Maps API, are there any restrictions I would place on HTTP referrers?

Yes.  You can add *, * and the domains of any websites on which the software is installed.  Also be sure to include your Website's domain.

I'm using numbered map markers and the numbers are not aligning anymore.

  1. Under Map Settings, Dynamic Icon Field, change that from offset to number

  2. Under Map Settings, Dynamic Icon Label Offset, reduce the x-factor by 3 and increase the y-factor by 10.  E.g. 7, 35 should become 4, 45

I'm using the Legacy Mobile App layout and it doesn't provide a Map Vendor option.

The legacy mobile app will not be upgraded and therefore requires a Google Map API key to continue functioning properly.  Configure the API key for all Mobile App Layouts as described above.

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