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Copy your Interface for backup or experimentation
Copy your Interface for backup or experimentation
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You might need to copy your MetaLocator Interface for several reasons.

  • Create another Interface for a different webpage with some specific adjustment after you've perfected an existing Interface.

  • Make a backup of your Interface before attempting some configuration experimentation.

  • Preserve a historical copy of your Interface settings.

There are 2 ways one can copy settings from one Interface to another.

1) The Duplicate function
 This function makes a complete copy of an existing interface with just a few clicks.
 Great for experimentation and for building an Interface as a basis of another Interface.

2) Export of Interface settings
 This creates a copy of the Interface settings on your computer. The content of this file can also be updated (using Import) into another existing Interface.
 A great way to keep a copy of Interface settings on your computer for historical purposes or to update an existing Interface with settings of another.

If you are creating a new Interface that is intended for your visitors and not simply a backup or for experimentation, you must update your web page with the new Installation Code for that Interface.

The Duplicate function

  1. Select the Interface you wish to duplicate.  

2. Click the Duplicate button in the toolbar

3. Update the Interface Name if required and click Save

Interfaces can also be duplicated by Importing and Exporting Interfaces.

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