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Getting Started

This collection contains basic information about getting up and running with MetaLocator

Pre-Sales FAQ

Before purchasing MetaLocator, customers often ask these questions.


This collection of articles discusses creating and editing Interfaces using the new Interface Builder

Managing Data

This section contains documentation regarding importing, exporting and managing data in MetaLocator


MetaLocator Categories are the primary way you can separate, filter and organize your data in MetaLocator.


Articles about managing fields and information about specific field types, like hours fields, galleries and images

User Management

Managing Users, Teams and Permissions in MetaLocator


Use your locator to capture and route email leads. Define rules to deliver leads directly to location contacts, an admin, or both


This section describes options for allowing users to edit your data


Collect, display and import reviews regarding your locations.

Account Management

Help content related to logging in, expired accounts and password changes


Information regarding administrative tasks including billing, invoices and related information.

Language and Internationalization

This topic covers changing customer-facing text and creating multi-language interfaces.


Geocoding assigns latitude and longitude to your locations based on the address data


Information about MetaLocator's analytics platform

Data Management API

Information on our DMA which provides methods to update data in MetaLocator in bulk.


The PaaS API is primarily used to create mobile apps. It's purpose is to support location search in 3rd party applications, such as apps or dashboards.

3rd Party Integrations

Tutorials for integrating MetaLocator into various common content management systems

SMS and IVR Locators

Documentation regarding our phone call and text-message based locators

Where to Buy

This section covers topics related to our price monitoring platform and Where to Buy

Legacy Interfaces

This section describes features in the Interface Editor, and older version of MetaLocator.

Troubleshooting and FAQ
Search Engine Optimization
Advanced Topics

This section provides information for developers and designers


Changes to the MetaLocator platform