MetaLocator offers a PaaS API that allows the development of custom applications using MetaLocator as the underlying location-services platform.  This service returns JSON formatted results based on user-supplied query parameters.  All query features of MetaLocator's customer-facing Interfaces are also available through this method.

PaaS API Introduction

All communication with MetaLocator's PaaS API requires the use of an API Key.  Only MetaLocator account holders with the Enterprise or API Addons can create API Users.

Create a MetaLocator PaaS API Key

To create an API Key, a special user account must be created.  Only MetaLocator account Owners can create a PaaS API Key.

Navigate to the User Manager as shown below:

Click New, and complete the form as shown below:

Click Save, and the API Key will be assigned on the User Manager screen as shown below.

Calling the PaaS API

A basic call to the MetaLocator PaaS API looks like this:<method>?Itemid=X&apikey=Y

Where X is the Interface ID number and Y is your API Key.

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