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How do I trigger product discovery?
How do I trigger product discovery?

We automatically monitor when retailers start carrying your products, but you can force the system to update quickly if needed.

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MetaLocator constantly monitors your retail partners for the appearance of previously un-stocked products.  We do that in a manner that is sensitive to the retail partner website or API.  If you require a particular product or products to be discovered quickly, follow the steps below.

To force the system to re-check all retailers to see if they stock a monitored product, click Products in the main navigation.  Select the product or products of interest, and choose Trigger Onboarding from the Bulk Actions menu.

The request will be enqueued and processed.  A notification of successful onboarding will appear in the User Notifications section.  

You will also see the retailer offering shown under the Product > Retailers tab as shown below:


Onboarding requires that the target retailer Website's search engine returns the requested product when searched for the products "Group Search Term".  The first test is to ensure the product is returned in the Website's search engine when searched for the product's "Group Search Term".  

If it does not, alter the group search term to a term that yields results and re-trigger onboarding.

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