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Updating products with retailer-specific group links
Updating products with retailer-specific group links

When you want to redirect users to specific pages instead of group search term driven retailer search results, follow these instructions

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Sometimes the results for a group search term on a particular retailer Web site do not present the best user experience.  

This can decrease conversions and create an undesirable experience for the end user.  

One solution to this problem is to manually specify an alternative link to display

To manually craft the link for a given product group it can be edited as follows:

  1. Click Products

  2. Identify the any product in the group in question by searching by SKU or keyword.

  3. Click the product name to edit the product.  It can be any product in the group.

  4. Click the Retailers tab

  5. Click the Matched button for the desired retailer as shown below

  6. Enter the link to where the user should be directed for this product and retailer combination in the box labeled "Enter a retailer-product specific link"

  7. Click Save as shown below

Preserving Conversion Attribution

When providing a custom link, it is possible to disable conversion tracking.  For example, if the link provided is to a different Website domain than the retailer or 3rd party landing page that does not pass through conversion tracking information, the purchase attribution could be lost. 

To ensure conversion attribution is preserved, the following checks should be made:

  1. Ensure the retailer profile includes an Affiliate Deep Link.  This specifies the format used by MetaLocator when re-writing the provided retailer-group-specific link to include tracking information.  The Affiliate Deep Link can be found by clicking Retailers, the retailer name and the Affiliate Deep Link will be shown in the retailer profile.

  2. The link provided is on the same domain as standard links provided by the retailer.

Check with the helpdesk or your account manager to ensure the link provided will preserve attribution.

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