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Using GA4 & MetaLocator
Using GA4 & MetaLocator

This article describes tracking MetaLocator events in Google Analytics 4

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MetaLocator tracks various events as part of its built-in analytics system.

If you are using GA4 on your Web site, MetaLocator Analytics events can be automatically sent to your Google Analytics 4 property by specifying the GA4 Measurement ID in your Interface Settings as shown below:

To obtain the Measurement ID from Google Analytics, login to Google Analytics and click: Admin > Data Streams > Your Data Stream and copy the Measurement ID as shown below:

GA4 & Universal Analytics

Google Analytics version 4, also known as GA4, has replaced the long-standing Google Universal Analytics platform.

Google will stop processing Universal Analytics data on July 1, 2023, meaning that most Google Analytics users will need to migrate their implementations to GA4 before that period. Corporate users of GA 360 have received a 1 year grace period through July 1, 2024 as of this writing.

MetaLocator also tracks information in Universal Analytics, but this approach is no longer recommended since it is being phased out by Google.

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