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Tracking Lead campaign effectiveness with UTM Codes
Tracking Lead campaign effectiveness with UTM Codes

When a marketing campaign uses UTM codes to link to the locator, they are saved with the lead automatically.

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When a lead is captured in MetaLocator, if the page was loaded with UTM URL parameters in place, those codes will be saved with the lead. There is no special configuration to implement this strategy.

For more information on how to use UTM codes, and what they are for, see here.

For example, if the page on your site where the locator is installed is, then the same page with UTM parameters would be

If a lead is then captured by the locator on that page, it will be found in MetaLocator's Lead section with the same UTM codes as shown below:

These UTM codes have also been added to the PaaS API response and the lead bulk export file, found under Leads > All Leads > Export.

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