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Creating an SMS Interface
Creating an SMS Interface

How to establish an SMS (text message) locator

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This article covers the SMS Interface settings.  These settings should be implemented with the help of a MetaLocator support technician.  SMS Interfaces are available to subscribers to our SMS Locator service.

  1. SMS Number: Enter the phone number associated with this Interface.  This number must be configured by a MetaLocator technician in Twilio.

  2. Search Results Message: This is the message header and is displayed at the top of the search results.   It requires two placeholders (%s) as the number of locations and the distance value.

  3. Result Template: This is the format used to render each location result

  4. Legal Business Name: This is appended to the end of each message and should include the business legal name.

  5. SMS Message Footer: This is the message footer and is displayed at the end of any messages sent by the system.

  6. No Results Message: The text to display when no messages are found.

  7. Number of results to include: The total number of search results to include in the text message.

  8. Interface for Search Rules: The Interface to use for search settings (e.g. Data settings).

  9. Search Radius: The default search radius.  Use a numerical miles value or ‘nearest’


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