This video shows the step-by-step creation of a Send to Phone link in a test interface.

SMS features are currently available to US subscribers to our SMS Text addon only.

To request the SMS Text add on, contact the help desk.

MetaLocator staff will configure a dedicated phone number for your account.  You may request a preferred area code.  Not all area codes are available, so be sure to specify a primary and secondary preference.

Once configured, you will have the ability to create fields of the "SMS Form" type.  This field type presents a "Send to Phone" link that, when clicked, displays the "Send to Phone" form.  This field can be added to your templates by following the instructions for MetaLocator templates.

You can control the format of the content delivered to the end user.  The format is controlled by a MetaLocator template designated under the Interface "Contact Form Settings" > Send To Phone Item Template.  This format can be used to structure the content of the message received by the end user.

Be sure to keep the SMS message content brief.  Content over 128 characters will still function seamlessly, but can cause the SMS provider to break the message into multiple segments, which are still delivered as a single message, but will be billed once for each 128-character segment and will count as such toward your SMS Credits.


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