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Retailer Commitment
Retailer Commitment
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MetaLocator drives highly qualified traffic directly to retailer Web sites.  To do this, we require structured data from the retailer, and that may involve crawling a product directory, or obtaining data from a retailer provided API.  MetaLocator is committed to performing data acquisition in alignment with the content owner's rights, preferences and rules.  To that end, the following practices are observed:

  • Opt-out: Retailers may opt-out of participation at will.  Requests to be removed are honored without question.

  • Robots.txt: MetaLocator crawlers respect robots.txt rules

  • No-Circumvention: MetaLocator will not attempt to circumnavigate crawler-prevention methods such as captcha codes, content protection networks or similar

  • User-Agent: MetaLocator will represent itself accurately in the User Agent string of the crawler.

Questions regarding our crawler or these policies can be directed to

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