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MetaLocator can optionally publish your location data to 3rd party location data aggregators.  This service is entirely optional, and opt-in.  MetaLocator never shares customer data unless specifically requested and permitted by our customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t want my data shared or published, can I opt out of this program?  There is no need to opt out, only users who specifically opt-in to this program will be included.  All other customers will not have any data shared, and no account changes will be made.

Who are you sharing data with? Factual.  See their Website for more information.  Factual provides location data directly to Yelp, Bing, Apple Maps, FirstData and other top-tier location marketing platforms.

What benefits are there to sharing my data with Factual?  Factual is a tier 1 location data provider, meaning many other locally-focused Websites such as Yelp, or mapping programs such as Apple Maps get their data from Factual.  Sharing your data with Factual ensures your location data is consistent across all providers that source data from Factual.  Your location’s data, found on other Websites is known as a citation. And citations are key to winning at local search.  For more information about citations, see this article from Moz Local:

What if I choose to ignore this program?  That's ok.  No account changes will be made and no data will be shared as per usual.  You might be missing an opportunity though.

Why is MetaLocator becoming a Trusted Data Contributor for Factual?  We establish partnerships with top location data aggregators as a service to our customers.

What do I have to do to opt in?  To opt-in, and have your location data included in this optional data publishing program, log in to your MetaLocator account, and choose Data Publishing Options from the user menu in the upper right.  There is an agreement on that page that contains a more formal explanation of the program.

What do I have to do to opt out?  Nothing.  This is a voluntary, opt-in program.

What changes will occur within my website, data or Interfaces if I opt-in?  No changes to your data, settings or account will be made.  This simply shares data with Factual.

What data will be shared if I opt in?  Factual primarily focuses on Name, Address, City, State, Postal Code, Country, Phone and Link.

How often will be shared if I opt in?  As location data is updated, we will regularly detect those changes and publish to Factual automatically.

Does opting-in guarantee my data will be published?  No.  Factual accepts and publishes data at their discretion.  See here for details:

When will I see my location data published on Web sites?  See Factual’s page on contributions and corrections here:

What if I have another question not answered here? Reach out to our helpdesk at

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