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Integrating with Google My Business

MetaLocator supports bulk import and export of location data with GMB

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Google My Business (GMB) is a platform provided by Google for multi-location businesses to promote and manage local business listings on Google Search, Google Maps and more. Synchronizing data with Google My Business helps ensure the data is consistent between MetaLocator and Google.

MetaLocator supports bulk listings import and export with GMB. This allows you to export data from MetaLocator in a format ready for import into GMB, and also we can import data directly from GMB into MetaLocator.

Importing Data

To import data from GMB into MetaLocator, choose Data, then Import, then Google My Business.

The data will be imported along with the usual steps for importing data. To have the data imported on an automated regular basis, see the instructions for background importing.

The imported data will include columns as follows:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Address2

  • State

  • City

  • PostalCode

  • TLD

  • Country

  • Link

  • GMB Store Code

  • Phone

  • GMB Name

  • Hours

The serviceItems column contains any freeFormServiceItem "Services". These are imported as a semi-colon delimited list, such as Service1;Service2; etc. This column serviceItems column can be mapped to a Category column during the import, and the location will be categorized accordingly (e.g. into categories called Service1 and Service2)

Publishing Data to GMB

To export your data in a format ready for review and bulk update into Google My Business, click Data, then Export, then choose Google from the drop-down list.

The resulting file contains your data ready for import into Google My Business in bulk. Review the data, make any edits, then sign into GMB and use their bulk upload tools to complete the update.

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