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Importing locations and reviews from Ratings.MD
Importing locations and reviews from Ratings.MD

MetaLocator supports importing data directly from Ratings.MD, use it to create a partner locator

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Its easy to import locations and reviews from Ratings.MD into MetaLocator.

Before you import from Ratings.MD, be sure to configure an External Key which contains the NPI. The NPI or "National Provider Identifier" is a standard manner of identifying a healthcare provider. MetaLocator also uses it to ensure we don't import the same physician twice, apply updates and reviews to the correct physician.

Once an NPI External Key is configured, click Locations, then Import and choose Ratings.MD as shown below:

On the following screen, enter your Ratings.MD account information, and choose the External Key you created above. The Account Name is provided by Ratings.MD and uniquely identifies your Ratings.MD account.

After clicking Next, the account mapping screen will be automatically mapped correctly.

The next steps are the same as any other MetaLocator data source and instructions can be found here.

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