Importing from Amazon S3

You can import data directly from Amazon S3 into MetaLocator

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Follow the below steps to import a CSV data file from an Amazon S3 Bucket into MetaLocator.

  1. Click Data (or Locations), then Import

  2. Click Amazon S3

  3. Enter your Access ID, Secret Key and Region as provided from Amazon S3.

  4. Enter the bucket name and optional path (the path should not begin with a slash)

  5. Click Load File List. This will populate the Files list with the CSV files MetaLocator found at the provided location. Only files with the csv file extension will be displayed in the list.

  6. Choose a data file from Files drop-down

  7. Click Next to continue.

Click Next, and the import process will continue as usual. Be sure to appropriately map your CSV columns to MetaLocator System columns as provided during the next step in the import process.

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