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Importing Data via Copy & Paste
Importing Data via Copy & Paste

Use the clipboard to quickly import data into MetaLocator

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+MetaLocator supports importing data via copy and paste.

The pasted data should follow the same format as any other data import and should include column headings. (See a sample spreadsheet).

Watch this video for an example:

To import data via Copy & Paste,

  • Click Data (or Locations) on the main navigation.

  • Click Import

  • Click Copy/Paste under Choose Data Source

  • Select the data in your source spreadsheet, Google Sheet or text file and choose Copy

  • Click inside the text input, right click the mouse and choose Paste (or press CTRL+V (Windows) Command+V (Mac)

  • Click Next

The process from here is common to any other data source in MetaLocator. Those steps are described here.

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