If you are using MetaLocator's multi-dimensional features you might know that relational data can be imported in 3 files, a locations file, a related data file and a linking file.  This can constitute a lot of spreadsheet management in the long term.

This import file structure roughly mirrors MetaLocator's internal table structure for related data.  However, there is a simplified data file format that allows you to import multiple-table data in a single file.  This is commonly done in the context of a physician finder, where doctors might be related to multiple locations and vice-versa.

The following data file shows locations and related physicians in a single file


When importing this file, with multiple tables configured in your account, the import column-mapping step will present a Destination Table column.  There you can choose which table a particular column should be imported, as shown below:

When MetaLocator imports the data, it will assemble the linking table automatically based on the relationships already present in the imported data file.

Be sure to select "Update Existing and Insert New" when importing using this method as shown below:

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