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Importing Retailer Offers
Importing Retailer Offers
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During the setup process, it is necessary to import offers from a retailer.  This process imports the results from the Retailer Spider or API into MetaLocator. Therefore, it's important that the spider authoring or API integration has been completed before importing offers.

To begin the process, navigate to Retailers on the main navigation, and click the ellipsis menu next to any retailer to select Update or ReCrawl.

ReCrawl will direct you to the options screen for that retailer.  The next screen will contain options such as Keep Data in Sync and Perform Recrawl. Recrawling the site will cause all products found in the search term list to appear in the retailer product list.

Checking Keep Data In Sync will add this import task to the systems recurring process queue for your account, allow it to run unattended in the background on a regular basis. MetaLocator determines the schedule automatically by repeatedly sampling data over time to learn how often data changes, and intelligently establishing a schedule according to its observations.

Without Keep Data In Sync checked, the system will import the data right away.  This can be used during the initial retailer setup process or to "force" an update for a given retailer.

Click Next to import the data as shown below:

When the import process completes, you'll be directed to the Offers list for that retailer.  It will show every product obtained from that retailer, the price, a link and a match indication.  Now that product offers have been imported, they must be matched to your manufacturer products.


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