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Store Locator for Squarespace
Store Locator for Squarespace
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The power of MetaLocator is integrated into websites with no technical knowledge or special tooling. Website builders are integrated design tools with hosting and management details simplified, allowing anyone to create a website without learning technical details about HTML, editors or hosting.  Today there are many website builders available to design and deliver your web presence. To name a few:

DoodleKit,, IMCreator, iPage, Jimdo,, Sitey, Squarespace,,, Weebly, WIX, Yola

Here we demonstrate the ease of using MetaLocator in conjunction with

MetaLocator is implemented in a web page through what we call a 'snippet of code'. It's really just a line of HTML and one doesn't even need to understand it to put it to use. This essentially makes the process of putting our powerful locator into your website as simple as copy/paste.

Reduced to the essential steps:
 1. Create a free trial MetaLocator account, input your location data, design your MetaLocator look and feel (interface)
 MetaLocator makes it painless to see what your locator will look like through a preview button even before you start to your website.
 2. Create a Squarespace account, create a page for your locator and insert the MetaLocator 'snippet of code'.
 While every web builder works differently, you'll be looking for the functionality that allows you to 'embed code' or 'insert HTML'. We show you some examples below.
 3. Grow your locator.
 As you grow, make adjustments to your data along with your search look and feel within MetaLocator itself and they will automatically appear on your site.

While the website builder tools themselves differ and may themselves change over time as to how this activity is accomplished, you will always simply be creating a page to contain the locator and use a page editor to insert HTML to contain the MetaLocator code snippet. Regardless of the page editor used, the activity is the same -
 insert the MetaLocator installation code into the web page to integrate the locator functionality into your website.

First, create a Squarespace web page. Click the "+" symbol and select "Page".

We'll name ours Locator. Clicking the gear allows you to add other information such as page title. For this tutorial we will focus on only what is needed to implement a MetaLocator locator within Squarespace.

A new and almost empty page will be presented. Hover over the placeholder text to reveal the editing controls.

To quickly remove the placeholder text, click the 'trash' icon to remove it.

Click to reveal a list of what Squarespace calls Content Blocks. These are selections of various types of content.

Scroll down to find the </> Code type of content block and click to select.

Copy the snippet of MetaLocator code. The code can be obtained from the MetaLocator Dashboard, under Interfaces.

With the code insertion box displayed, paste the MetaLocator code snippet into the box. Make sure the type is HTML.

Finalize the settings in your MetaLocator interface to customize the directory and map layout, sizes as well as styles and colors to match your site and page. Once the code snippet is in place you need not change it unless you create another interface to replace it. Maintenance to your location data and setting for your interface is performed through MetaLocator - Squarespace is more or less like a window into your locator.

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