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Legacy: Style considerations for Wordpress SEO Landing Pages
Legacy: Style considerations for Wordpress SEO Landing Pages
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When MetaLocator creates SEO Landing Pages within an existing Wordpress Website, the template for that website will likely include styling that impacts the layout, colors and placement of elements within the MetaLocator-generated content.  Similarly, the MetaLocator-generated content also includes it's own styles from the Style & Color settings in the Interface.  The result on the published Wordpress SEO Landing Page is a combination of both MetaLocator-provided styles and styles inherited from the Wordpress Template.  Commonly this results in an acceptable presentation.  However, in other scenarios, styles combine to create undesirable side effects such as font changes, color disagreements and similar conflicts.

The first step toward formatting your SEO Landing Pages is to ensure your interface is using our landing page template for the SEO Landing Pages.  Select this template as shown here:

This template includes formatting for SEO Landing Pages which includes subtle colors (grey) and other formatting options designed to integrate with any template.

Regardless of the above template, conflicts and undesirable formatting can still arise.  The best approach to addressing these conflicts is to author custom CSS.

The recommended approach is to author additional CSS for your WordPress website to handle any styling conflicts for MetaLocator's landing pages.  These styles should be prefixed with .metalocator .single to ensure they target MetaLocator's landing page content only.  Authoring CSS specific to your Wordpress template is outside our scope of support; however, we are certainly willing to answer any questions you have while writing CSS.

Some MetaLocator users create a separate interface just for the SEO landing pages.  Within this interface, they remove MetaLocator styling and rely on their template to handle styles.  To remove MetaLocator styles, edit your interface as follows:

Under Style & Color settings, remove the colors from the settings as shown here:

Under Legacy Settings > Choose a Style, set to No Style.

This will result in an interface with only size and position-related CSS. No fonts, colors or other styles will be included.

Update the SEO settings of this interface and deploy to your Wordpress website.  The colors and fonts will be entirely controlled by your Wordpress template.  This may result in a simpler styling that adheres more closely to other styles found within your template.  Each Wordpress template is unique, so your results may vary.

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