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Legacy: Hosting SEO Landing Pages
Legacy: Hosting SEO Landing Pages
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MetaLocator offers hosted SEO landing pages as an alternative to publishing landing pages to your website via FTP or Wordpress.  MetaLocator includes a free version of the hosted SEO landing pages with every account and an enhanced version via an account add on.  For a comparison of these two options, see this page.

Hosted SEO landing pages are generated on a MetaLocator-provided domain name, with a host name of your choosing.  The result is a URL such as:

The "mystorelocations" in the above example can be any acceptable domain-safe word that has not already been taken by one of our other customers, is not profane, is not a registered trademark not owned by you, or is not one of a set of reserved words like "www".  You can choose this hostname by configuring the following interface setting:

If your hostname is available, and meets the other criteria, it will be assigned to your account.  You can reserve up to 10 unique hostnames, but only one is used per Interface.  To reserve more than 10 hostnames, contact the MetaLocator helpdesk for pricing.


Once a hostname is chosen, set Enable SEO Landing Pages to "Yes" to turn on the SEO Landing Pages function.

Click SEO Landing Pages on the main navigation, then click Generate next to the desired Interface name as shown below.

If the interface, or locations therein have changed since pages were last generated, a red indicator will appear next to the Generate button as shown above.

If "Automatically Update SEO Landing Pages" is enabled, the system will automatically update the pages during our daily process.

Once the system has created the pages, an indication will appear in the user notification area:

To see the pages created, click Preview next to the Generate button, or click the link provided in the user notification.

For more information on the SEO settings, visit the documentation.

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