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Updates included in release 2257
Updates included in release 2257
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NEW: Offering free hosted SEO landing pages to all customers.  (No CNAME, Wordpress or FTP with free)
 FIX: Addressed an issue where SEO landing pages would include duplicate CSS.
 NEW: Added ability to declare ml___params array in containing page which causes parameters of the same name and value to be passed to the MetaLocator IFRAME
 FIX: Addressed issue with anonymous gallery uploads failing to be attributed to the correct account owner
 FIX: Addressed issue that allowed field names with > 64 characters to be created.
 NEW: Added enhancement to prevent users from creating fields that include system-reserved keywords.
 FIX: Updated Category form to reflect the 3-state nature of the "Show in Front-end Form" option, NULL, Yes and No
 NEW: Added polygon_territory type of territory for client proof of concept.  Usable at this time, but has a few minor UI issues.
 FIX: Fixed issue with users importing Category 1 v.s. Category1 (no space)
 FIX: Fixed issue with formatting hours when closing hours are after midnight
 FIX: Updated check for code generation to ensure Enterprise customers have white-labelled code.
 NEW: Added Google Tag Manager code integration.
 NEW: Added SEO Debug log output on individual location records.
 NEW: Improved log output for MetaLocator-Wordpress connections
 NEW: Added, but didn't yet implement a new Gallery type called SlideShow.
 NEW: Added the ability for MetaLocator to extract and use a remote website template as the header and footer for static pages.  Known issue with templates that include a "BASE" tag.
 NEW: Removed the Gallery field type as an option for new custom fields since it's not correctly handled in code.  Existing Gallery field should suffice for most customers
 NEW: Added notice if user has an Interface already using a hostname that is requested
 NEW: Updated mobile app's Contribute menu to allow photo uploads and to search immediately after save
 FIX: Fixed user association and save path when saving locations anonymously
 NEW: Updated on-boarding wizard to guide user through choosing a hostname and generating SEO landing pages
 NEW: Updated language instructions around new on-boarding
 NEW: Added deployed page detection for template extraction
 FIX: Fixed session issue preventing App contributions and user creation
 NEW: Added support for plain language hours fields, such as "Monday Hours","Tuesday Hours" etc.
 NEW: Added 24 hours support for hours.



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