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Updates included in release 1565
Updates included in release 1565
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MetaLocator releases code upgrades and fixes approximately every two weeks.  This article highlights the publicly relevant aspects of this release.

Improvement: Updated SEO landing pages to include LocalBusiness > Hours schema
 FIX: Fixed bug with multiple users in 'Allow from users' setting
 Improvement: Added Advanced > "Show hours in vertical format" to arrange hours output better for compact layouts
 Improvement: Updated disk space number formatter used in quota / usage to handle KB, MB and GB correctly
 FIX: Updated Analytics > Heat Map with cache bug x. Also added search range boundary sanity checks.
 Improvement: Now showing all searches in map icons Changed Directory/ImportFile behavior to ignore columns not provided during UPDATE operation
 Improvement: Update to Google Map Internal directions "Go" button to respond to Enter key presses
 Improvement: Added group-level coloring on Interface settings to show green text if any settings therein are changed from the defaults
 Improvement: Removed complex and slow dynamic generation of demo thumbnails
 Improvement: Added option to process JSONP in API calls with a provided "callback" function
 Improvement: Added click warning to users attempting to click on future steps of data import process wizard progress bar
 Improvement: Linked "show_directions_options" to "Show Directions" since "options" does not work without "Show directions"
 FIX: Fixed missing div tag in location landing pages when hours are provided
 Improvement: Fixed issue with deleting wonky field names
 Improvement: Added support for "directory item hover" to cause MapBox map popup to open
 Improvement: Added Map Center Marker support for MapBox
 Improvement: Added height restriction for in-popup Gallery fields
 Improvement: Added MapBox spiderfy support
 Improvement: Added heatmap support for Mapbox Maps
 FIX: Fixed bad path in CKEditor Templates (landingpage.css)
 Improvement: Added toolbar icon to CKEditor for Search Form Format
 Improvement: Disabled "Woman" and "Alice" voice options in IVR option
 Improvement: Changed "Append" to "Add" on data import screen. Changed "Replace All" to "Replace"
 Improvement: Updated Location Detail Page for Mapbox support
 Improvement: Disabled Single Location Layout
 Improvement: Updated Geocoding tooltip and messaging on bulk geocoding screen to refect new quotas.
 Improvement: Added error-colored notice to geocoding screen when "not enough geocoding" credits to continue
 Improvement: Disabled "Small" layout, since the "linking to a specic search" should now be used.
 Improvement: Updated IVR Settings option to choose "Interface" using a drop-down of existing locators
 Improvement: Changed Interface Settings > Form > Search Form Format from custom control to a CKEditor
 Improvement: Added account limits conguration object to the main application conguration
 Improvement: Changed admin template to use email instead of first & last in the upper right menu
 FIX: Fixed SEO Landing Page context-sensitive help documentation issue
 FIX: Removed MooTools and other unused Javascript from the core front end output
 FIX: Fixed "NaN" issue with payment form.
 Improvement:Removed first and last name from initial sign up form.
 Improvement: Added Interface form validation for directions settings
 Improvement: Fixed issue where Google Places autocomplete tried to initialize a non-existent location search field
 Improvement: Added option to display custom field in the Search Form Format as a series of checkboxes *if* the field is the type="checkboxes"
 Improvement: Fixed issue with deleting columns with goofed up names
 FIX: Updated global "SafeName" procedure to trim max length to 64 characters
 Improvement:  Updated category icon selector control. Removed old google icons.
 Improvement: Cleaned up error message on bad import input
 Improvement: Updated user notes to include categories of notes
 FIX: Fixed missing language strings in payment system
 Improvement: Added geocoding quotas for permanent geocodes
 Improvement: Changed logging to a single combined file for each account.
 Improvement: Added coloring to show Interface settings changed from defaults
 FIX: Updated "Defaults" to prevent false positives on "changed from default" Interface settings.
 Improvement: Added protected system logfile for technician access
 Improvement: Interface default "MapType" to only Leafet if user registered *after* this release
 Improvement: Changed location editor to use MapBox, updated map marker fine-tuning control to hide until geocoded.
 Improvement: Added "Are you sure" confirmation to import wizard's Skip Geocoding button
 FIX: Fixed issues with missing help documentation on context sensitive help
 Improvement: Updated payment processor to handle "resurrecting" cancelled accounts
 Improvement: Added API.getcongwithlanguage function to eliminate uneeded HTTP request
 Improvement: Decreased geocoding delay between requests from 1.5s to .5s
 Improvement: Added custom icon support to MapBox
 FIX: Fixed issue with hard-coded delegate user type in import process
 Improvement: Removed social media links from the Getting Started Wizard
 Improvement: Added option to set Parent (Child Of) in category settings
 FIX: Fixed typo in Sample Data (starter_import.csv)
 FIX: Fixed issue where user would page in data under All Records, then delete data in another tab, and end up on a non-existent page in the original tab.
 Improvement: Moved "Center Map on User's Search" option down to reduce prominence
 Improvement: Added Form Settings > "Chain grouped category drop-downs" option to support hierarchical lists of categories (via category parent-child relationships)
 Improvement: Updated directions service to support MapBox maps
 Improvement: Updated account stats and quota settings to handle different package limits Added ability to purchase Geocoding credits as needed.
 Improvement: Added new ArcGis Geocoding Engine for one-off, search-based and bulk geocoding
 Improvement: Added Dynamic (Labelled) icons to MapBox Maps
 Improvement: Added Marker Clustering to MapBox Maps
 Improvement: Added support for MapBox Maps

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