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Updates included in release 4833
Updates included in release 4833
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  • Updated CKEditor to stop stripping empty span,and i tags from the Item templates

  • Fixed bugs related to search options set in the All Records screen polluting records shown under Geocoder and vice-versa.

  • Fixed issue where Sub Admins would be denied claim of an SEO hostname when an account owner had originally claimed it.

  • Fixed import slowdown from Amazon EFS migration.

  • Simplified quota display

  • Added a scrollbar to the back end menu for small screens

  • Fixed text overlap for small screens during import

  • Updated google drive integration, fixed display a issue 

  • Updated interface import option to avoid importing improperly formatted settings

  • Fixed cache invalidation for saving location pages with a custom domain

  • Fixed issue with clicking pagination controls when Export was the last action.

  • Fixed issue with not being able to "Delete All Geocodes"

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