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Updates included in the 5/5/2018 Release
Updates included in the 5/5/2018 Release
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MetaLocator's latest update includes a number of new updates and features including:

  • Updated the Mobile App to include a blazing fast new Sencha Touch 2.3 interface

  • Updated the internal logging system of all user operations, including imports, exports, deletes etc.  We'll soon make this information available to Enterprise account administrators.

  • Added the User Manager, allowing Enterprise users to create and manage sub-users.

  • Removed the requirement for API keys when using the API.  The Enterprise User Manager now allows you to create users with or without API access.

  • Language file additions for Directions'

  • Eliminated the Tab interface on the back end.  Now all interface options are on one screen.

  • New "Force region" setting for the Google search system.  The existing TLD setting offers only a "bias" and sometimes Google thinks they know better.  This setting allows you to force all results to be within a specific country.  See "Google Maps Force Country" under "Data Settings".

  • Import now allows you to update or skip records based on an address match.

  • Import progress moved to a modal window

  • Geocoding now remembers prior imports and doesn't require re-geocoding of data that had previously been imported and geocoded.

  • Fix: Initial Tags now no longer impact the drop-down lists.

  • We're internally tracking the spreadsheet name used for import.  This will be used in the future to allow users to filter data based on the name of the spreadsheet that was used to upload the data.

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