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Updates included in release 2479
Updates included in release 2479
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Re-wrote FTP subsystem for faster, more reliable performance with better logging and transparency to the user

Updated FTP SEO subsystem to delete existing pages before generating new pages

Fixed issue with double-slashes in the sitemap

Added behavior to preserve prior backups of SEO pages

Added option to detect an external foreign key reference in an import file and automatically associate existing related records accordingly.

Added option to display the Date selection on the public location submit form as a series of simple drop-down lists.  See new "Show Date Fields as simple drop-downs?" option under Advanced

Removed re-display of "Saved" message from page reloads of the public location submit form after a submit was performed.

Updated related record markup to leverage the field name as the default section label.

Updated to Google Recaptcha for Offers claim requests

Fixed issue with form not correctly handling certain _textfield elements

Removed some arbitrary SMS styles.

Added Google Maps API Key support for back-end and front-end (formerly Google's ClientID)

Added option to change language in LOCATOR_SELECT based on the field in use and display context (LOCATOR_SELECT_SAFENAME_VIEWNAME) and LOCATOR_SELECT_SAFENAME

Fixed IE11 bug for geocoding on save on front end select form.

Added taglistwithdescription and groupedtaglist filter by tag_group

Added option for attaching to an existing GA tracker for cross domain Google Analytics under Google Tag Manager.  Option is called "Enable Google Tag Manager Support"

Added option to disable auto_complete_drop_downs on the public location submit form.

Removed GM experimental reference in GMAPI internal link

Updated Vendor Repository

Updated offers to include shortkey support for easier redemption

Fixed spam check on front-end customer add for offers

Added GetDrip tracking back to the admin template

Added bulk operations for Categories (Set Group Name and Set Parent Name and Set Priority)

Added modal spinner to Interface save operations.

Added last-generator-wins handler for interfaces that incorrectly have the same hostname.  This fixes an issue where a customer added the same hostname to multiple interfaces.

Added new tracking system for process server jobs.  This allows users to view the production status of any interface generation tasks including any critical errors that occurred.

Fixed bug with country selection from TLD from geoip without country drop-down present.

Added ActiveTag cache to reduce function calls

Removed amount and link to old, inaccurate Invoices.  Fixed phone number on old invoices.

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