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Updates included in release 2409
Updates included in release 2409
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  • Added option to hide drop-down list values coming from past events if "auto_hide_past_events" is enabled.  When locations have no start OR end date,they are not excluded by this flag.

  • Updated review layout to handle Review Monitoring reviews and manually entered reviews alike

  • Added modal dialog boxes for email fields.  {email rel='modal'} should now produce a modally opened contact form window.

  • Increased height of Piwik Analytics window for long reports.

  • Performance improvements for "clickable state counts"

  • Updated category ordering clause to allow for back-end sorting by clicking the name and other fields

  • Updated Menu Item Duplicate process to run faster.

  • Added "DIRECTORY_LIST" option for display of "Related Records" (Found under Data Type & Relational Settings).  This allows the user to create another interface dedicated to displaying related records from another table using the "Default Interface for Table" option.  With this option, it leverages the directory_item_template for the layout of that related data.

  • Now displaying the WYWIWYG editor in the location edit form for HTML fields in the back-end

  • The Interface Search Form template should now handle the creation of drop-down lists from core fields (E.g. {name}) whereas before it just ignored them.

  • We are now sending email to the account owner directly for failed payments and "over limits" notices.  Too many users were not receiving them from  our 3rd party invoice provider.

  • Added {nearestlocations} to display nearest locations (For use on Item Detail Pages only)

  • Added {weather} for local weather (For use on Item Detail Pages only)

  • Added {taglistwithdescription} to display the category list, description and category link if provided.

  • Added Territory Polygon support

  • Updated to latest version of Google Recaptcha on Location Form and Contact layout.

  • Added Emerald and OSM Leaflet map styles

  • Added Emerald icon gallery

  • Added "show_time_picker" option in Form Layout to allow user to hide time selector.  (Back-end time selector is always on)

  • Added RAW field type for items like scripts etc.

  • Fixed bug where location detail {locationmap} isn't initialized when opened via map marker popup title.

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