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Updates included in release 2706
Updates included in release 2706
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Added SEF urls to all new interfaces by default.
 Added support for mltables in Taglist tags ({taglistwithdescription mltable="events"} for example.)
 Added tables feature and support to all new users.
 Removed SEO from onboarding wizard
 Opening SEF detail pages in new (top) window
 Added support for Nearby Locations in the Item Detail Template {nearestlocations limit="3"}
 Fixed issue with modal appearing out of view on tall pages.
 Added related item dynamic templates
 Fixed performance issue with LazyLoader calling query twice. (closest_to_ip_location)
 Added support for dynamic prompts in grouped categories, LOCATOR_SELECT_CATEGORY_GROUP_,LOCATOR_SELECT_CATEGORY, then LOCATOR_SELECT
 Added support for bidirectional related fields (doctors at locations, locations for doctors)
 Removed query cache during debug sessions
 Set {name}_{city}_{state}_{country}_{id}.html static_filename_template
 Updated chooser to allow table selection on import
 Added support for multi-dimensional data import in a single file.
 Updated detail page link logic to handle SEF pages.
 Updated CDN for CSS etc.
 Fixed issue with marker selection for LLPs
 Made entire directory entry clickable in Lazy Loader
 Updated radius to integers and lat/lng to reasonable accuracy to assist cache hit rate
 Disabled scroll wheel during modal input blocker
 Fixed option to disable scroll wheel
 Re-enabled cache on the Ajax lazy loader
 Updated new account groups to use configuration variables
 Switched Recent documentation updates to HTTPs
 Added tab control to toggle map and list in collapsed view
 Fixed issue with far-zoomed out map
 Allowed inherit of geo fields from related location records
 Increased Streetview Field of View

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