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Updates included in release 3252
Updates included in release 3252
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+Fixed bug with tracking Conversions with a non-numeric value in Google Analytics
 +Added Pagination to the Revisions screen for performance reasons
 +Updated related record handling
 +Fixed issue with offers with no image showing broken image
 +Added timeout for LeafLet marker popup to ensure proper positioning when heavy marker window content.
 +Added location-level tracking for custom segments in Lazy Loader
 +Fixed issue with Bulk Language Editor re-writing quotes and attempting to interpret HTML
 +Added fancy alert boxes to related record modal window
 +Added red emphasis to record indicator for related records
 +Added local Piwik Dev environment
 +Changed category tracking in Lazy Loader to use database category instead of translated category
 +Changed Event Action for Google Analytics to "Click to Call" from Click in the case of tel: links
 +Updated offer engine to return a total redemption status across all customers for a given redemption.
 +Updated IOS App to display total redemption status after redemption
 +Updated error handler to allow errors in the API response
 +Prevented register_user from attempting to create a user that already exists
 +Added redirect to correct Joomla incomplete session for "getauth" PaaS API Calls.
 +Fixed issue with opening multiple marker windows

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