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Updates included in release 3007
Updates included in release 3007
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Added ability to import categories based on the column heading, where the row/cell value contains TRUE or FALSE or 1/0.
 Added Related Tags feature and {relatedtaglist}
 Fixed category groups value selection bug
 Moved piwik account creation to back-end
 Added "No Results Found" event tracking in Analytics
 Added hotword replacement in import procedure. For example, a description field with "Welcome to {city}" will be replaced in import with the value from that record.
 Added various options to directory settings.
 Added option to delete related records from Location Edit Form
 Added ml_language_debug and ml_language_constants_only
 Added prior CSV imports to the Upload manager
 Updated some missing I8N constants.
 Added location-category count to admin category listings
 Added option to include location variables in the contact_redirect_url
 Added classes to main metalocator div based on selected category

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