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Updates included in release 2375
Updates included in release 2375
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The recent release of MetaLocator includes the following updates, fixes and features:

  • FIX: Added modal input blocking to public form submittals to prevent duplicate entries from users double clicking the save button.

  • FIX: Added ignore for internal domains on the "Bind to Domain" setting

  • FIX: Updated handling of internal system field id differences for Directory Pages

  • FIX: Moved red required asterisk to the right for drop-down list inputs

  • FIX: Updated prioritization logic to consider all active tags instead of only searched-for tags.

  • NEW: Added LOCATOR_SAVED_CONTENT as a new constant to display in the "Saved" message body.

  • NEW: Added new Advanced > "Show Time Picker on Date Fields" setting for user submittal form to hide the time control

  • FIX: Added check for proxy (doubled) IPs behind load balancer for GEOIP

  • NEW: Added "Disable map touch scrolling on Mobile" setting

  • FIX: Fix for editing datetime fields causing revert to text type

  • NEW: Added User Profile menu option to Managed Users' accounts

  • NEW: Added ability for Agency-level users to also have Admin-level capability

  • NEW: Updated user tooltip for managed users.

  • NEW: Now allowing agencies to log into managed accounts using agency password as master password

  • NEW: Allow for invoice-based Agency profiles.

  • NEW: Added {taglistwithdescription} to allow for display of category list, with category description output

  • FIX: Directory pages filtering at "All locations"

  • NEW: Added Instagram and SnapChat for social media

  • NEW: Added region manager for directory pages.

  • NEW: Added agency branding to login screen under CNAME'd requests

  • NEW: Added links to preview SEO Landing pages to SEO tab of location editor

  • NEW: Improved debug output for SEO landing page single-page generator

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