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Updates included in release 2951
Updates included in release 2951
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These new features and fixes have been included in our latest release.

Added option to include {leadid} in the contact form email
 Updated default lead template in Sleek and Modern
 Fixed endless loop issue in directory pages with use_geo_city or use_geo_state enabled
 Fixed linkhttp setting behavior with protocol-relative links
 Fixed issue with invalid customer-provided markup in Revolution gallery setting
 Added "Are you sure" to Pull Template command
 Added option to open Analytics pane in a new window
 Added option to handle creating multiple internal shopify testing accounts
 Added behavior to assign existing ML users to the shopify group if existing when shopify app is installed
 Added access to the User Manager for crowdsourcing group members, but disabled "Create User" behavior for same.
 Fixed "Ask a question" link in support window
 Updated onboarding to choose interface first
 Added Trial notice to shopify pages
 Added limit warning about using Wordpress, FTP and Shopify Publishing option during the trial period
 Added Shopify Cancel account behavior
 Updated User Account screen to show detailed group membership
 Fixed issue with {breadcrumb} tag replacement ocurring after {head} insert, causing replace to act on in-page config data.
 Fixed issue with {title} tag replacement ocurring after {head} insert, causing replace to act on in-page config data.
 Added recaptcha_public_key and recaptcha_private_key options
 Added Advanced option to disable Ajax detail page loading (Disable Ajax detail page loading)
 Fixed bulk edit issue with multiple tables. Bulk Edit was acting on locations table.
 Updated SalesForce import to process only required table structures, avoiding JSON encoding issues with improperly formatted UTF8 coming from SalesForce
 Added CNAME support for sitemap builder
 Added new option for "Customer-Provided SEO Pages Domain"
 Fixed issue in Google maps with custom icon not appearing in detail map
 Added handling (ignore) of excel garbage values like #N/A, #VALUE, #NUM etc.
 Added ODS build support via magic URL parameter for logged in users
 Added conditional option to display the interface in directory pages on chosen levels
 Added foundation grid only css to core
 Added "showRegionJumpList" option for state pages showing cities only.
 Added option to show radius distance as a radio or select

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