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Updates included in release 3236
Updates included in release 3236
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The following updates have been included in the most recent release:

  • FEATURE: Increase height of heatmap under analytics

  • FEATURE: Removed logout link for Shopify Users

  • FEATURE: Added new IoT platform

  • FEATURE: Added IoT configuration options

  • FEATURE: Added field validation Regular Expressions

  • BUG: Updated Bank and Salesforce importing Resque back-end to ensure fast processing

  • BUG: Removed check for reserved field name from save process of existing fields.  Prior release caused issue where system fields could not be editted.

  • BUG: Fixed issue with image uploads colliding on public form.

  • FEATURE: Added Interface revisions log

  • FEATURE: Added primary theme to interface preview button

  • FEATURE: Checked for Shopify in-trial status

  • BUG: Updated wizard to clarify "Detected" status

  • FEATURE: Added options to form layout to require Description, Categories

  • FEATURE: Added Advanced header and footer options to form layout

  • FEATURE: Added check for internal previews getting added to installed_url setting

  • FEATURE: Added trial notice to LLPs generated during unpaid trials

  • BUG: Changed GMAP api to standard URL when added as Geocoding provider.

  • BUG: Fixed user option query when Allow From Users is set

  • FEATURE: Added option to hide breadcrumbs on directory pages

  • FEATURE: Added default to include filtered interface above all directory index pages

  • FEATURE: Refactored wordpress URL setup.

  • BUG: Removed javascript comment //@TODO: which tripped up IE (??)



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