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Updates included in release 3265
Updates included in release 3265
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Fixed issue with encoding HTML in the bulk language editor
 Added sorting to region section
 Added Import with Delete option
 Fixed issue with textarea enter key
 Added option to disable spinner on Interface loader
 Fixed issue with Google tracking events with non-numeric values
 Added HERE geocoding API for testing internally.
 Added option to remove/reset all geocoding.  This is useful for folks that import bad lat/lng data and need to remove it all.
 Added feature to fix 4 digit left-zero padded zip codes for relevant US east-coast states during import.
 Added option for default region
 Added ml_directory_hover and hovermarkerhighlight option to show marker drop-shadow on directory hover.
 Fix for slashes stripped from Wordpress pages sent under oAuth causing missing escape sequences
 Fix for failed table field creations corrupting location_field table state when underlying table has too many columns.
 Fixed issue where subadmin users may not have access to parent user's addons causing Interface settings in groups they did not have access to to be wiped out.

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