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Updates included in the 6/16/2023 Release
Updates included in the 6/16/2023 Release
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This release is a relatively large release, containing various new features, bug fixes, performance and security improvements. Changes in this update are summarized below.

  • ML-562: Lead Email templates no longer display in "code" mode, while still allowing users to switch to code mode, now with syntax highlighting. Also added a "Template" button to the editor toolbar which allows users to load a pre-made Email template.

  • ML-680: Added map colorization tools to the Interface Builder

  • ML-642: Now install the Lead Form as a standalone form on your Website.

  • ML-330: Fixed an issue where drop-downs did not open when using keyboard navigation and using the Enter key.

  • ML-681: Now displaying the results skeleton lazy loader when a search is performed after a previous search with no results.

  • ML-668: Support an Active Image Map Icon while still allowing regular CSS marker map icons

  • ML-619: Data quality "partial address" is now accurate for countries with no formal provinces/states

  • ML-682: Language constants in the search form can now be in either handlebars or legacy format

  • ML-675: Unified share via QR code is now an option

  • ML-382: Added an Upgrade Tool for legacy interfaces

  • Improved interface loading speed over 100 markers

  • Improved analytics loading speed in the dashboard

  • Adjusted map marker shadow to correct alignment

  • Eliminated some unnecessary "Job completed successfully" messages.

  • Added new utility classes to the Style drop-down

    • ml-category-comma-list for separating category lists with commas

    • ml-text-underline for underlining text

    • ml-category-dot-list for separating category lists with dots

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