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Updates included in the 11/03/2023 Release
Updates included in the 11/03/2023 Release
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  • ML-834: Added an "Announce" string for WGAG AA compliance to the search autocomplete. See the Language section for new language constants.

  • ML-790: Added support for an Autocomplete function for regular category drop-downs in the search. This is a basic typeahead feature that allows users to more easily find options in larger drop-down lists.

  • ML-812: Fixed an issue where the autocomplete appeared to suggest duplicate values.

  • ML-822: We are now including classes with the category id for every category in the map marker icon. This allows designers to style based on combinations of categories such as "Active + Dealer" v.s.Inactive + Dealer

  • ML-827: Added improved support for fixed headers in the IFRAME resizer.

  • ML-813: Added basic spiderfy support for co-located markers in the Interface Builder

  • ML-825: Added extra text-direction to encourage more browsers to support RTL cursor positions in inputs.

  • ML-815: Updated the PaaS API documentation

  • ML-819: Added an easier method for programmers to add dynamic maps to the detail pages of SEO location pages.

  • ML-826: Fixed an odd issue where bootstrap + Chrome would scroll the parent page to the top of the IFRAME if the user clicked an input inside the IFRAME.

  • ML-748: Restored a feature which automatically maps simple variations of columns during the import (E.g. telephone to phone, zip to postal code)

  • ML-786: Added some additional validations for bulk importing hours, preventing invalid or non-sane options, like open for 1 minute.

  • ML-785: Improved data importing for hours from Google My business

  • ML-784: Added an easier control for picking components of a Composite External Key in the Field Editor.

  • ML-793: Fixed an issue where the details pane is occluded by the Advanced Search options when they are expanded when the details pane is open.

  • ML-800: Now accepting Y/N, True/False in addition to 1/0 in the published column.

  • ML-803: In the Interface Filters, "null" is now automatically considered as "not equal" to a given value. Previously users had to configure both "not empty" and "not equal"

  • ML-805: Invite only: Territory Radii can now be plotted on the map.

  • ML-799: Added a focus ring to the Advanced Search option

  • ML-807: Invite only: Added a table-less option to displaying hours

  • ML-789: Introduced a new filter option that allows exclusions specifically for SEO Location Pages.

  • ML-705: Now supporting the Export of Interface settings for all users from the Demo account.

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