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Updates included in the 8/01/2023 Release
Updates included in the 8/01/2023 Release

This article includes updates to MetaLocator in the August 1 release.

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  • ML-347: We now support multiple hours ranges for hours fields. This allows for closing hours during lunch or siesta for example.

  • ML-648: We added a search form feature which displays active search filters

  • ML-733: We expanded options for the "detect location" search form button allowing our customers to specify styles, icons and a label

  • ML-650: Added Autocomplete for the Keyword search control, similar to our location autocomplete, it is available for users in Pro and higher plans.

  • ML-647: Added a new Results Message control for the Search Form which displays a customizable message reflecting the search results, E.g. "Found 4 locations within 5 miles of 53211"

  • ML-686: We added a Results > List > Category List template that displays both active and inactive categories which allows our customers to display amenities *not* available at a given location.

  • ML-712: Results cards can now include Tab controls.

  • ML-541: The Search Form > Category now includes an option to display as Checkbox > Vertical Collapse Groups.

  • ML-717: We have introduced a mobile-only control which allows users to toggle between the map and the list display.

  • ML-704: The Advanced Search button control now supports a custom icon, and custom styles.

  • ML-733: The Detect Location control now also supports a custom icon, and custom styles.

  • ML-638: We now support the ability to re-send a lead.

  • ML-711: We now support custom session lifetimes for our customers requiring HIPAA compliance.

  • ML-685: An Export Interface Settings option has been added to the Interface List.

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