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Re-sending a lead
Re-sending a lead

When a lead was deleted, filtered or needs a reminder, it can be re-sent.

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When lead emails need to be re-sent, a new toolbar action is available as shown below.

Simply check the box next to the leads that need re-sending, and click Re-send.

After clicking Re-send:

  • The leads, or lead notifications, will be re-sent.

  • The date for the lead will not change

  • Any configured "Thank you" message will not be re-sent

  • Triggers to send to Salesforce and Hubspot will not be re-run

  • Webhooks will not be re-run

If a lead has been re-sent, it will be indicated in the lead details, (click the binocular icon as shown above) and Resend Logs are shown at the bottom of the form.

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