Lead data captured in MetaLocator are saved in the control panel under Leads as shown below:

Leads can also be published to external email addresses, SalesForce and HubSpot.  This article discusses the HubSpot integration.

To enable HubSpot integration, update the following options under Contact Form Settings:

  1. Enable HubSpot integration:  This enables the publishing of lead data to HubSpot.  Set this to Yes to use this feature.
  2. HubSpot Hub/Portal ID:  This is the Hubspot-provided portal ID of your Hubspot account.   This is shown as described here.
  3. HubSpot Form ID:  This is the Hubspot-provided Form ID of your Hubspot Form.   This is shown as described here.
  4. HubSpot URL Template: This is the URL that is used to submit the lead data to HubSpot.  This provides the opportunity to specify how MetaLocator lead fields map to HubSpotfields.  The format of this URL is described here.  MetaLocator automatically includes the HubSpotcookie and the visitor's IP address.  The values in curly braces are replaced with the lead form values.  

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