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When recipients don't acknowledge leads, you can send a reminder

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Lead acknowledgement allows your organization to understand when a lead recipient has (or hasn't) taken action on an incoming business inquiry.

One way to improve the acknowledgement rate is to remind lead recipients that a lead is awaiting their attention.

This can be done using MetaLocator's Lead Reminders. Lead Reminders are only available when Lead Acknowledgement has been enabled. This is available with Professional and higher plans

To enable Lead Reminders,

  1. Click Interfaces, then Edit the interface for which Lead Reminders should be enabled.

  2. Click the Lead Generation tab.

  3. The click the "More Leads Features..." button to show all Lead Generation features

  4. Scroll to "Send Reminder Email to Leads?" and set that to "Yes"

  5. If necessary, update the default Lead Reminder Email Subject.

  6. If necessary, update the settings for the Reminder Email Delay and Number of Reminders. The delay controls the number of minutes after the lead is sent, but not acknowledged, to wait before sending the reminder. It also controls the delay between any subsequent reminders if the Number of Reminders is greater than one.

  7. Finally, Create the Background Job to actually send the reminders. To setup the job, click Background Processes in the toolbar, choose LeadReminder, provide a job name such as "Remind Dealers of Leads" and click Save

  8. Click the Published and Scheduled Toggle's to enable the job.

  9. Optionally force the job to test any pending lead reminders by clicking the checkbox next to the job and clicking Force in the toolbar.

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