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Updates included in the 4/14/2023 Release
Updates included in the 4/14/2023 Release

A summary of changes, fixes and updates included in update to the MetaLocator platform.

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  • NEW: Added "1st party" GA4 integration

  • NEW: Added the "Above List" search form placement option

  • NEW: Added the "From Phone" core field to the lead system, allowing customers to more easily and reliably capture phone numbers from incoming leads.

  • NEW: Improved page load time for the Interface Builder by 23%!

  • NEW: Added support for Zapier data updates and inserts

  • NEW: Added validation for custom field types on the lead form for email, number and URLs.

  • NEW: Improved the result number display in the results list

  • NEW: Added analytics debug mode and pretty console output for same.

  • NEW: Added Style & Color control for the results card background color

  • CHANGE: Modified the "No Results" analytics event name to not include the searched term, since it's available in the associated dimensions and inhibits reporting.

  • CHANGE: Removed the "MLTAGS" event, which was a duplicate of the Category event.

  • FIX: Re-labelled Analytics settings to clarify Universal, Internal or GA4

  • FIX: Removed google maps console error display of unused callback parameter

  • FIX: Removed the redundant Load event from the analytics platform.

  • FIX: Fixed inconsistent User Group name ordering

  • FIX: Added support for non-location table admin filters

  • FIX: Removed duplicated entries from child drop-down lists when parent lists are not present in the search form

  • FIX: Headers in Lead Export CSV did not include all columns

  • FIX: Fixed link to support article in new Interface Trash view for legacy interfaces

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